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Sum Sparkles

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This math-themed PlayPod sure is a gem! Sort the sparkly jewels into treasure chests, add diamonds to a golden crown, and roll the colorful dice to determine the number of stars to put into outer space.

This playful approach to math is fun and secretly builds an understanding of math concepts such as skip counting, fact families, place value, multiplication and more. Do you know how many different ways there are to distribute 10 sprinkles across two cupcakes? We’ll show you!

Disclaimer: May contain small parts. Recommended for children ages 3+. Adult supervision is always required. These matching cards have been created by me and may not be copied or reproduced.

• 21 Double-sided dry erase activity cards
• 1 Dry erase marker with attached eraser*
• Lots of sparkly gems with container
• 4 Colored dice
• 1 Pink pouch with zipper
• Optional - Printable Extension Activities

*Colors of product items may vary, but will never interfere with usability and fun factor.

• Addition and subtraction (single- and double-digit)
• Basic multiplication and division
• Fact families, arrays, skip counting, doubling, halving, graphs, place value
• Math vocabulary (more than, less than, equal to, odd, even, remaining)
• Math strategies (counting all/up, using number line, using ten frames)
• Visual sequential memory (remember visual details in correct sequence)
• Fine motor skills (hand and finger strength and hand dexterity)
• Visual motor integration (hand-eye coordination)
• Concentration and patience