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Our Family

Growing up in a household as the kids of two educator parents, something must have rubbed off, because we both ended up becoming educators ourselves! Our mom started as a special education teacher and ended up as an autism consultant and a low vision consultant. And our dad was a school psychologist for over 35 years. As you can imagine, dinner table discussions largely revolved around KIDS and LEARNING.

Lindsey BenGera

Lindsey is an elementary special education teacher and board certified behavior analyst. Now a mother of 3 littles, Lindsey finds the time to combine her degree in the science of education with her experience in the classroom to create fun and engaging learning experiences for her kids, even on-the-go! Lindsey also enjoys traveling with her family, especially to a warm beach or camping in the woods.

Kristin Born

Kristin is a college chemistry instructor, content creator, and technology enthusiast. She's spent years researching the ways in which people learn and master difficult skills and has applied it to both her two young children and her chemistry students. In her spare time, she enjoys playing instruments, drinking craft beers, soaking up the different seasons of the Midwest, and dragging her family to various vacation home rentals around the world.