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Count and Stack

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Count and stack rings --- One, two three.
Roll them. Make ice cream. Pretend with me!
Hide a number, find a ring.
Clank them together while you sing!
Wooden pieces, perfect for little one.
Sort small to big, fun’s never done.
Use for tummy time, or while you sit.
‘Count and Stack’ is the perfect grab and go kit.

Disclaimer: The activity cards have been created by Sprinkle in Learning and may not be copied or reproduced.

• 1 set of wooden numbers (1, 2, and 3)
• 3 wooden rings (small, medium, and large)
• 1 wooden cone
• 2 double-sided informational cards with tips for grown-ups
• 1 brightly-colored waterproof zipper bag
• Optional - Printable Extension Activities

• Fine motor skills (voluntary object release, bang objects together, point to object, stack objects)
• Sensory and social skills (explore variety of toys, ability to play alone or with someone)
• Pretend play
• Problem solving (trial and error)
• Bilateral coordination skills (two-handed coordination)