Shapes and Colors

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Dive into a world of shapes and colors with fun, interactive, and developmentally-appropriate wooden shapes and multi-level activity cards. Use the easy-to-grasp wooden shapes to solve puzzles, learn basic colors and build vocabulary. The ‘Shapes and Colors’ PlayPod is sure to help ‘shape’ little minds through play, one color at a time!

Disclaimer: The activity cards have been created by Sprinkle in Learning and may not be copied or reproduced.

• 10 double-sided laminated activity cards
• 1 wooden yellow star
• 1 wooden green circle
• 1 wooden blue triangle
• 1 wooden red square
• 1 brightly-colored waterproof zipper bag
• Optional - Printable Extension Activities

• Shape and color recognition
• Fine motor skills (grasping and manipulating objects)
• Problem solving
• Logical thinking
• Speech/language skills

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