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One Smart Cookie - Adapted

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This PlayPod is an adapted version of our original "One Smart Cookie" PlayPod. The smooth, rough, grainy and soft textures are a great way to inspire users, specifically those in the ASD community. The use of high contrast color schemes, thicker outlines and easy-to-discriminate ‘sprinkle’ colors help make this activity accessible to more users, especially those with low vision.

It’s a busy day at One Smart Cookie bakery! Your customers are hungry, and the line is out the door. Follow the vibrant and colorful recipe cards to make the popular classics or design your own cookies to fill custom orders. Don’t forget to add the frosting and pile on the sprinkles! This activity provides a vibrant and colorful multi-sensory experience that promotes tactile awareness and sensory exploration. Enjoy pretend kitchen play with a heightened sensory experience.

Adaptations from "One Smart Cookie" original PlayPod:

  • Larger activity cards
  • High contrast color schemes and easy to see outlines
  • Easy-to-discriminate colored ‘sprinkles’

Disclaimer: May contain small parts. Recommended for children ages 3+. Adult supervision is always required. The activity cards have been created by Sprinkle in Learning and may not be copied or reproduced.

• 16 double-sided activity cards
• 1 instruction card
• 2 wooden cookies (1 star and 1 circle)
• 8 felt frostings (4 stars and 4 circles)
• 18 colorful glass glitter sprinkle tiles in a drawstring bag
• 1 orange pouch with a zipper
• Optional - Printable Extension Activities

• shape recognition
• color matching
• socio-dramatic play (recreating the world with imagination and props)
• symbolic play (use of objects to represent other objects)
• visual discrimination
• fine motor skills (hand and finger strength, hand-eye coordination, hand dexterity)
• concentration and patience