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I Need a Bigger Car

I Need a Bigger Car

I Need a Bigger Car

As you know, printed material makes up a large portion of what we put in our PlayPods. Some PlayPods rely heavily on the activity cards and some just use one or two. Either way, we needed to find a printer that would do our business justice, in both quality and cost. We also want our materials to be durable and colorful!

After trying several different printing companies, we finally settled on one that has been giving us consistently amazing products. The only problem is the company is 2.5 hours away and shipping costs are immense! The good news is, I'm in their neighborhood a few times a year, so if I plan it out correctly, I can usually pick up an order while I'm in town.

So here's me trying to see how much printed material I can fit in the back of my SUV. What you don't see is how HEAVY all of those boxes are!

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