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Magnet Hand

Magnet Hand

Magnet Hand

Time to talk safety! I have three littles and usually find myself walking around the car a few times to get everyone unbuckled from their car seats and out safely before heading into the store/school/etc. In the past, I have set them up in the trunk to sit and wait, but now I've found that space is full of stuff, so here is what I've come up with to keep my kids safe and sound in a busy parking lot.

NOTE: We practiced expectations MANY times in our driveway first!  Be sure to encourage and praise!


Start with some magnetic adhesive sheets.

Peel off the top layer of the adhesive sheets and adhere one sheet of any bright-colored construction paper. (Not the same color as your car.)

Have child trace either hand they prefer.
tracing hand

Use a scissors to cut out the hand! (You can always reinforce with contact paper or tape if it is wearing out too quickly.)
magnet hands

The Final Product!



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