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Sensory Bottle Advent Calendar

Sensory Bottle Advent Calendar

Sensory Bottle Advent Calendar

The advent calendar tradition is one of my kids' favorite things! This year I decided to do something a little different from our usual chocolate advent calendar. If you are interested in trying something new, check out how I made 24 different sensory bottles - 1 bottle for each day leading up to Christmas Day. If you don't celebrate Christmas, this is also a fun way to countdown to a fun trip, use as rewards or just for fun! 

I made 6 different kinds:

1.) Mineral Oil/ Water: 50% water, food coloring, mineral oil to top - These look like lava lamps!  

2.) Glitter Glue: Whisk hot tap water and glitter glue, 50% each

3.) Corn Syrup: beads/glitter/filling* on bottom, 50% corn syrup, fill to top with water
4.) Color Mixing: 50% corn syrup (mix in food coloring), 50% mineral oil (oil dye color). I tried the following combinations: 
     Blue- corn syrup Yellow: oil
     Red- corn syrup Yellow: oil
     Magenta - corn syrup Blue: oil
5.) Hand Soap** - 20% water, toss in glitter, beads, etc, 80% soap
6.) Hand Soap with color** - 40% water, mix in food coloring, 60% soap. 
* Heavy items move faster; letter beads are fun, try to have child spell words or name before the beads reach the top.
** The more soap you use the slower items will move. 
For more info - check use out on Instagram @sprinkleinlearning 

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