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Rice and Seek - Adapted

Would you like to add printable extension activities?

This PlayPod is an adapted version of our original "Rice and Seek" PlayPod. The high contrast between the white rice and the large, colorful items, and the included magnifying glass, make this adapted PlayPod ideal for those in the low vision community. This adapted PlayPod has also been recognized as being a great addition to a ‘calm kit’ or ‘quiet kit,’ often helpful for those in the ASD community.

Twist it. Turn it. Tap it! We’ve hidden a handful of precious objects in a tube of white rice—can you help us find them all? If the large objects are tricky to see, use the provided magnifying glass to make the objects appear 5x larger! Finding the colorful objects require laser focus and delicate hands. When you’re done, simply shake the tube to conceal the objects and play again! Great for one person or the entire family!

Adaptations from "Rice and Seek" original PlayPod:

  • Larger activity cards
  • Magnifying glass with 5x magnifier window
  • Bottle featuring only larger items
  • White rice instead of colorful rice creating a greater contrast between rice and hidden objects

Disclaimer: May contain small parts. Recommended for children ages 3+. Adult supervision is always required. The activity cards have been created by Sprinkle in Learning and may not be copied or reproduced.

• 1 plastic bottle containing white rice
• 1 magnifying glass
• 3 double-sided activity cards
• 20+ objects to 'seek'
• 1 light blue pouch with zipper
• Optional - Printable Extension Activities

• Visual object recognition (identify objects in view based on visual input)
• Visual discrimination (detect differences in objects)
• Fine motor skills (hand and finger strength and hand dexterity)
• Subtle details and attributes of objects
• Adjective vocabulary
• Object-to-picture matching
• Self-regulation and calming
• Focus and patience