Write and Wipe - Adapted


This PlayPod is an adapted version of our original "Write and Wipe" PlayPod. Are you working on writing your ABC's and 123's? Pre-writing skills are the foundational skills that will help you master handwriting later on. Use the included dry-erase marker grip* for enhanced stability, greater precision, and improved grip strength as you play your way through the activity cards. You will be writing letters, words, sentences and (eventually) beautiful stories in no time!

Adaptations from "Write and Wipe" original PlayPod:

  • Ergonomic, egg-shaped marker grip*

*The additional support provided by the included grip is great for those struggling with fine motor control.

Disclaimer: May contain small parts. Recommended for children ages 3+. Adult supervision is always required. The activity cards have been created by Sprinkle in Learning and may not be copied or reproduced.

• 14 two-sided laminated pre-writing cards
• 1 black dry erase marker with foam marker grip*
• 1 eraser
• 1 yellow pouch with a zipper

• bilateral coordination (writing with one hand while the other hand holds and guides the writing space)
• hand and finger strength
• hand dexterity and dominance
• pincer grasp and object manipulation
• visual tracking, scanning, and planning (hand-eye coordination)
• concentration and patience

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