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DIY Brain Puzzle For Kids

DIY Brain Puzzle For Kids

DIY Brain Puzzle For Kids

Spoon Stack Puzzle 

I love this brain game because it's so easy to make with simple household items!

Here's all you have to do to set up the game. (Example pictures below)

The number of cards you will be able to make will depend on the number of layers you have and the number of designs per layer you make. I had 9 possible puzzles with the number of designs and layers I chose, so I made 9 cards. 

Don't forget to consider your child's abilities. You want to make the game challenging for them, but within reach. The more layers you create the more difficult it will be. Also, using different colors for each layer will add support; if you want to make it more challenging make all of the layers the same color. 

To see this game in action head to our Instagram account @sprinkleinlearning and watch the video entitled, "Spoon Stack Puzzle." 


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