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Thumb Sucking - How to Help Them Quit

Thumb Sucking - How to Help Them Quit

Thumb Sucking - How to Help Them Quit

Thumb Sucking can be a powerful self-soothing tool for little ones - making it difficult to help them quit. I had two little ones absolutely love their thumbs, but still found a way to help them quit. Remember these 6 things and you'll be well on your way to help your little one kick the habit! 


1.) Don't start too soon. 

2.) Let the dentist help you!


3.) Reward them along the way. Remember: a little goes a long way with small kiddos.


4.) Get some 'No More Biting' polish. There are many inexpensive, kid-safe brands on Amazon. 

5.) Find a replacement soothing tool. My little one already had a lovey, but gravitated towards a blanket also. Something for each hand occupies both thumbs making it less tempting to suck.  

6.) Get ready to give your little one extra positive attention! 

Things may get worse before they get better. Expect some tantrums and fussiness. Stick with it, these behaviors will pass. You can do it and so can your little one! 

If you have any further questions, please head to our Instagram account (@sprinkleinlearning) and DM me. 

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