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Social Story

Social Story

Social Story

What is a social story? 
It is a learning tool used to teach a variety of skills and behaviors for specific social situations. Social stories sometimes address potential hurdles and possible solutions for a social event. The most important thing to remember when writing a social story is to make sure it matches the audience's (who it is intended for) abilities and is individualized to meet their specific needs. 
As a behavior analyst, I often use social stories with my clients who are diagnosed with autism, but over the years I have realized it is a wonderful tool everyone can benefit from. I use them a lot for my own kids! 
I recently made one for my 2 year old daughter about riding on an airplane. It included alternative behaviors for kicking the seat in front of her - something I know she likes to do, things she can do when feeling bored, and other things she can expect (a lot of waiting, needing to stay seated, buckling her seatbelt, etc.). We read it many times prior to our trip to help her be prepared for this upcoming  event!  Here are some example pages:
Big sister reading it to her little sister! 
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